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PRAYILITY is a platform for prayer warriors to shine. We created PRAYILITY APPAREL to sound the alarm on having a personal relationship with Christ. As we express a strong faith message to PRAY we strive to provide excellent customer service and promote quality products.


PRAYER has a way of filling us up and freeing us; we no longer have to be ashamed of our past. In my weakness I suffered many things, I've been homeless and jobless but God heard my cry. From my experiences many “church members” only prayed while in a church service never having a personal relationship with God. I knew this wasn’t right. Jesus said that His house is to be a house of prayer, our bodies are temples and it is my belief that the Lord desires to fellowship with us on a personal level. Have an ear to hear and I'm sure you will enjoy prayer moments as well. There is still room at the cross!



Prayer is a great way to get the fulfillment you need when you feel less than worthy. We hope to spread the message of PRAYER in such a way that it will ring in the ears of many. You NEVER have to feel alone! Jesus is always there and a little talk with Him makes everything alright. It is my desire to push and encourage you to cultivate your relationship with Christ through prayer; YOU WILL WIN!


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Slogan | Prayility Apparel

We BELIEVE that through prayer you will become empowered and equipped to follow and flow in your purpose! 


CEO Tammi Byrd | Prayility Apparel

"I am so excited about this brand! My prayer is that Jesus moves mightily through each and EVERY one of you. Once I understood that I didn't have to "fit" in or make unnecessary connections for God to bless my life, doors opened. Whatever your dream is I urge you to be patient. Stay connected to the Father. He hears you, doors will open! Be prepared to walk through them <3"