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To express a strong faith message to PRAY while providing excellent customer service and promoting quality products.


PRAYER has a way of opening us up and freeing us; we no longer have to be ashamed of our past. In my struggles I suffered many things, I've been homeless and jobless but God heard my cry. Have an ear to hear and I'm sure you will enjoy prayer moments as well. There is still room at the cross!



Prayer is a great way to get the fulfillment you need when you feel less than worthy. We hope to spread the message of PRAYER in such a way that it will ring in the ears of many. You NEVER have to feel alone! Jesus is always there and a little talk with Him makes everything alright. YOU WILL WIN!


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Slogan | Prayility Apparel

It is our belief that through prayer you will become empowered and equipped to follow and flow in your purpose! 


CEO Tammi Byrd | Prayility Apparel

"I am so excited about this brand! My prayer is that Jesus moves mightily through each and EVERY one of you. Once I understood that I didn't have to "fit" in or make unnecessary connections for God to bless my life, doors opened. Whatever your dream is I urge you to be patient. Stay connected to the Father. He hears you, doors will open! Be prepared to walk through them <3"